BoardMaps and Govenda By Boardbookit: What Is More Effective?

BoardMaps vs Govenda By Boardbookit constitute multifunctional, technologically advanced, and secure IT solutions. These platforms allow organizing effective digital management of the organization, as well as automating the work of boards of directors, boards, committees, and other collegiate management bodies of various enterprises.

BoardMaps Features

This online service allows businessmen to reach a fundamentally new level of preparation and holding of meetings of boards of directors and committees, voting on draft decisions. Besides, the platform helps to increase the efficiency of control over the execution of instructions assigned on the basis of decisions made.

Benefits of the Portal for Chairs and Meeting Participants

The software features the following advantages for chairs and meeting members:

  • participation in several collegiate bodies with different levels of access to materials and voting;
  • convenient tracking of the execution of orders;
  • improving communications between members of collegiate bodies;
  • improving the convenience of management work;
  • optimizing the processes of making managerial decisions;
  • reducing travel expenses by attending meetings and working remotely;
  • increasing the efficiency of meetings and voting.

Benefits of the Portal for Corporate and Meeting Secretaries

The platform is glorious by the following options for corporate and business meeting workers:

  • reduced labor costs for printing large volumes of materials for each meeting;
  • automatic formation of the protocol;
  • a system for planning business processes, alerts, and a mechanism for working with various documents;
  • systematization of the processes of preparing, holding, and summing up the results of meetings, as well as monitoring the execution of instructions;
  • ability to edit draft decisions during the meeting;
  • scheduling in the calendar system of time, date, and place of meetings;
  • reduction of preparation time for meetings.

Govenda by Boardbookit Peculiarities

It should be mentioned that the Govenda portal constitutes board empowerment online service made to transform the way enterprises plan, create, and manage board meetings. More than that, the app offers its users an unbeatable ROI, user-centric design, and premium customer support. Through this platform, board members can easily access all the necessary information they need to be successful and respected board directors. Due to the app, meeting attendees can access all information about their meetings, committee appointments, boards, archival documents, announcements, polls, and all that jazz.

Govenda Advantages

The platform users single out the following Govenda’s benefits.

  • easily exportable and well-designed PDF or PNG spreadsheets for inclusion in spreadsheets, presentations, and reports;
  • security is the top priority of the software, so platform users can be sure that all information about the enterprise stored there is protected in accordance with SOC requirements;
  • analysis results can be customized according to user preferences, for instance, in the form of histograms and pie charts;
  • an integrated system that performs various functions such as creating, deploying, responding to, and analyzing surveys;
  • all enterprises receive the support they need to use the software to its full potential;
  • strict security protocols, including highly encrypted data;
  • performing automatic analysis;
  • world-class customer service and providing 24/7 assistance and excellent technical support.

Since this software adds features and expands functionality on a regular basis, it is easily adaptable to all key customer needs. In addition to all these pros, the platform offers its users free account transfer services. Thus, the risks associated with the transition from another platform are significantly reduced.